Santa Fe Teen Project by Steven Durland, Imagination Workshop by Bill Cleveland, Bill Strickland by Gil Ott, NEA Crisis by Richard Bolton, “Remembering the Future” by Patric Hedlund, plus profiles, news, departments and more.

On the cover: The Center for Contemporary Art’s Teen Project in Santa Fe

Table of Contents


Imagination Workshop
Disciplining the Imagination, by Bill Cleveland

Remembering the Future
by Patric Hedlund

Not Your Father’s Art Center
The Center for Contemporary Art’s Teen Project in Santa Fe, by Steven Durland

Free Food/Comida Gratis
Special eight-page insert zine created by young people in Santa Fe

Art in Context
Industrial Pittsburgh Catching Up With Bill Strickland, by Gil Ott

The Language of Virtue
What Makes Art Valuable, by Arlene Raven


Rites of Spring
Procession to Save Our Gardens, by Phyllis Rosser

Terry Wolverton
Writing to Live, by Deena Rosen

Digitizing the Extended Family
by Joyce Fernandez

Expose Express Exchange
Hope into Action, by Cheryl Pallant

Will & Company
Pancultural Bardathon, by Jennifer Price


Denial isn’t a river in Egypt
by Richard Bolton

On Cultural Citizenship
by John R. Killacky

The Public Art Controversy
from ARTSAVE by People for the American Way

Anti-Ghetto Art
by Susanna Dakin

James Carroll Pickett
by Jordan Peimer


Access Denied: “The File Room”
by Cylena Simonds


Stop the Elevator (I Want to Get Off)
by Sarah Vowell


We Came All the Way From Cuba So You Could Dress Like This?
by Achy Obejas


Stop Me Before I Hyperbolize Again!
editorial by Steven Durland

Review of new books, audio, video

Hot Shorts
News and announcements

The Tacit Observer
a satirical newspaper by Steven Durland

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