The Arts and Community Development by Gil Ott, Lynn Gosnell and Alan West; Equal Rights and Justice by Louinn Lota, The Chicago Coalition of Cultural Centers by Barbara Kensey, plus profiles, news, departments and more.

On the cover: Lily Yeh and her neighbor

Table of Contents


Making Trouble
Aspen conference explores public art and its potential to challenge public policy, by Phyllis Rosser

Equal Rights & Justice
Atlanta exhibition contests preconceptions in celebrating the Civil Rights Act, by Louinn Lota

Sharing the Future: The Arts and Community Development
Introduction to three collaborations between the arts and community development, by Gil Ott

San Antonio: The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center
by Lynn Gosnell

Boston: Inquilinos Boricuas en Accion / Arte y Cultura
by Alan West

Philadelphia: The Village of Arts and Humanities
by Gil Ott

Bridging the Gap
The Chicago Coalition of Cultural Centers, by Barbara Kensey

Steps Toward a Cultural Ecology
An international gathering in England compares notes on strategies to transform culture, by Hank Bull


Dutchess County “Farm Again” Crop Art
Pictures on the Land, by Steven Durland

Pepon Osorio
No Crying Allowed, by Berta Sichel

Shishir Kurup & Page Leong
License to Play, by Jennifer Price

Carbondale Community Arts
Culture Weaving, by Carole Tormollan


Who made us the target of your Outreach?
by Inigo Manglano-Ovalle

Senator Pobot Speaks for the People
by Linda Frye Burnham

Recycling More Than Just Images
Artist Gene Pool

A Future for Art on the Information Superhighway
by Gary O. Larson

Not Just a Job, It’s an Artwork
by Linda Frye Burnham


Lynn Hershman’s “Re Covered Diary”
by Sarah Vowell


Stomp: A Generational Advance
by Jacki Apple


“Dense Moments” from Uncontrollable Bodies
by Gregg Bordowitz


Trash-talking the Arts
editorial by Steven Durland

Acting on a Dream
running commentary by Linda Frye Burnham

Review of new books, audio, video

Hot Shorts
News and announcements

The Tacit Observer
a satirical newspaper by Steven Durland

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