Teaching Dance in Prison by Leslie Neal, an interview with arts and corrections veteran Grady Hillman, activist video artist Marshall Weber, a special section on Artists and Educational Reform by Linda Burnham and more.

On the cover: Leslie Neal

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Miles from Nowhere: Teaching Dance in Prison
For some artists, teaching in prison is just another job. For others, it develops into a much more involving experience. This is one artist’s reflections on her experience. By Leslie Neal

Maintaining Humanity
After 15 years and 50 prisons, poet Grady Hillman probably knows as much about arts and corrections programs as anyone on the outside. In this interview he talks about some of the crucial issues. By Steven Durland

Taking Down the Walls From the Outside
From compassion on the inside to outrage on the outside. One activist video artist attempts to shed light on some of the abuses of the correctional system. By Marshall Weber

A Daring Adventure: Artists and Teachers Partner for School Reform
The educational reform movement in U.S. schools can be a fertile environment for artists who want to make a difference in their communities. By Linda Burnham

23 Questions
Questions from teachers that artists can help answer. By Linda Burnham


Is You Is or Is You Ain’t?
An artist/activist’s thoughts on race, skin color and racism. By David Grant

What Happens When the Revolution Doesn’t Come?
Looking at the dissolution of the social change movement. By Keith Hennessy


Publisher’s Notes

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News and information from around the country.

Internet Web sites to consider: Applied and Interactive Theater and Webster’s World of Cultural Democracy

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Excerpt from “Circle the Earth: A Philosophy,” by Anna Halprin

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