The Environmental Justice Project with John O’Neal, Alice Lovelace on her residency in Tulsa, an interview with Augusto Boal, Linda Burnham on a new kind of arts conference, commentaries by Dan Kwong and Bill Cleveland and more.

On the cover: John O’Neal

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Drawing the Line at Place: The Environmental Justice Project
In Louisiana seven arts groups and eight community organizations are sharing their skills and learning to work together to address a serious regional problem. By Mat Schwarzman

Resolving Conflicts: A Poet’s Residency in Tulsa
Educated in the skills of conflict resolution and Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, this poet tells how she brings them together in an arts residency for young women in Tulsa, Oklahoma. By Alice Lovelace

We All Are Theater: An Interview with Augusto Boal
Since the ’50s Augusto Boal has been turning monologue into dialogue with his Theatre of the Oppressed. In this interview he talks about how his methods differ from traditional theater. By Douglas L. Paterson and Mark Weinberg


Power in Practice: Notes on a New Kind of Arts Conference
If artists are so creative, why are their conferences so dull? An arts education conference in Philly may have discovered the solution. By Linda Frye Burnham

Beyond Victimization
Why let our identity be defined by our oppression? By Dan Kwong

Lessons from the Prison Planet
Creativity can alter the impulse to dominate and destroy. By William Cleveland


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News and information from around the country.

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Books, newsletters and magazines of interest

Letters to the Editor

Native American photography
Natasha Mayers
The Education Wall
Fred Wilson

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Excerpt from “Writing Community: New Work from the Working Class Kitchen”

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