An interview with artist Homer Jackson and his work in prisons, schools and his community; artist David Grant tells of teaching nonviolence in Rwanda; Choreographers meet at Jacob’s Pillow to discuss their futures; Richard Posner splits his time between the studio and public art, and more.

On the cover: Homer Jackson

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Holding the Door Open: An Interview with Homer Jackson
In Philadelphia, artists who grew up in a gang-oriented culture use the arts to build community in Holmesburg Prison and William Penn High School. Homer Jackson helps make it happen. By Gil Ott

A Life Raft of Belonging: Choreographers Find Safe Haven at Jacob’s Pillow
Mid-career choreographers working in communities all over the country find the ’90s rough going. Are they pushed to the margins or dancing on the cutting edge? Together this summer, they visualized the next step. By Linda Frye Burnham

Seeking Refuge: an artist reflects on teaching nonviolence in the wake of the Rwandan civil war
On the border of Eastern Zaire a million people wait, afraid to go home to Rwanda. Almost all are Hutu, a group charged with genocide. An American artist is invited to teach them the rudiments of nonviolent struggle. By David Grant

Professional Jaywalker: Richard Posner on Crossing from the Studio to Public Art
The public-art arena demands that the artist become an aesthetic samurai, visually literate, street-wise and cross-culturally fluent, says L.A. artist Richard Posner, whose new work is an Anti-Fascist Theme Park. By Douglas Eby


The Saints Go Marching In
A jazz funeral for an historic arts-funding program. by Kathie deNobriga

Cents & Sensibility at the New NEA
Funding cuts, Congressional mandates, and now more panels! by Steven Durland


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