“Interview with Linda Frye Burnham and Steven Durland, Editors, High Performance Magazine”
By Jenni Sorkin, AS-AP
This oral history transcript is the result of a tape-recorded interview with Linda Frye Burnham and Steven Durland on September 16, 2007. The interview took place in Saxapahaw, North Carolina, and was conducted by Jenni Sorkin for the Art Spaces Archives Project (AS-AP).

“High Performance, Performance Art & Me”
By Linda Frye Burnham, The Drama Review
This 1986 article about the origins and early days of High Performance magazine appeared in TDR/The Drama Review, Vol. 30, No. 1, pp. 15-51. © 1986 by New York University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“Envisioning High Performance”
By Jenni Sorkin, Art Journal
This article in Art Journal (Summer 2003), about the first five years of the magazine that preceded CAN, won the College Art Association’s 2004 Art Journal Award. Read it for free online at JSTOR (registration).

Review: “The Citizen Artist: 20 Years of Art in the Public Arena”
By Frances Phillips, Grantmakers in the Arts
This review, published in The Grantmakers in the Arts Reader (Vol 11, No. 1, Summer 2000), examines an “The Citizen Artist” (1998, 344 pp.; Critical Press, New York), an anthology of writings from High Performance magazine Says Phillips:  “Questions the anthology raises about artist and audience, art and placement, meaning and inclusiveness are still fresh and profound.”

Review: “The Citizen Artist
By Patricia C Phillips, Public Art Review
Review by a noted critic published in Forecast Public Art’s Public Art Review, Vol. 10, No. 2, 1999, reproduced in the University of Minnesota’s UMedia Archive (page 39; be patient). To quote Phillips: “The words and works of Adrian Piper, Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Lucy Lippard, Richard Posner, and other, all make this publication an intelligent and inspiring resource. Through these prominent artist’s voices we discover the vulnerability and excitement of inquiry, the stunning potential of emerging ideas, and the alchemy of theoretical integrity with personal tenacity.”

Imagining America award to Linda Frye Burnham and Steven Durland
Presented at Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life National Conference, “What Sustains Us?” September 22-24, 2011, Minneapolis, “for three decades of democratic arts journalism, from High Performance Magazine through the CommunityArts Network.”

An interview with Linda Frye Burnham
By Linda Montano
From artist Linda Montano’s book, “Performance Artists Talking in the Eighties: Sex, Food, Money/fame, Ritual/death” (University of California Press, 2000)

An interview with Steven Durland
By Dan Godston
Steve Durland speaks on the Community Arts Network, working with his wife Linda, and “following the artists.” It appeared on in 2010.

“Community Arts Network Website Closing
By Dennis Baker
A blog statement by a CAN supporter in response to the announcement September 6, 2009, that the Community Arts Network (CAN) website would be closing.

“A Special Post-Riot Forum for Los Angeles Artists : The arts: ‘The Verdict and the Violence,’ a compact disc with High Performance magazine, gives a voice to artists like singer Exene Cervenka and poet Roberto Bedoya.”
By Michelle Quinn, Los Angeles Times
Review of a special issue of High Performance in which artists and writers responded to the uprising following the Rodney King decision in 1992. It appeared in the L.A. Times on August 24, 1992.

“New Doors Opening for Alternative Arts : Stage: Highways, High Performance stay on the cutting edge with the 18th Street Arts Complex.”
By Jan Breslauer, Los Angeles Times
Article about High Performance and its relationship to Highways Performance Space at the 18th Street Arts Complex in Santa Monica, Calif. It appeared in the L.A. Times on May 30, 1992.

“Performance Art: It Still Has Its Rogue Element
By Allan Jalon, Los Angeles Times
Feature about a performance art class taught at UC Irvine by Linda Frye Burnham and Steven Durland It appeared in the L.A. Times on March 7, 1988.

ATHE Award for Leadership in Community-Based Theatre and Civic Engagement
Award presented to Linda Frye Burnham and Steven Durland of Art in the Public Interest by the Association for Theatre in Higher Education, August 1, 20013

Think Big, Act Small
By Linda Frye Burnham, Art Work
A short treatise on professional survival, written right before CAN hit the dust for lack of funding. Published November 23, 2009, in Art Work: A National Conversation about Art, Labor and Economics (newspaper and website published by Temporary Services).



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