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The Community Arts Network (CAN) project promoted information exchange, research and critical dialogue within the field of community-based arts, that is, art made as a voice and a force within a specific community of place, spirit or tradition. The CAN project was active from July 1999 through April of 2010. The CAN website is now archived on Archive-It courtesy of Indiana University. You can view it here. A linked CAN site map is available on this page, below. CAN maintains an active Facebook page here.

APInews was our monthly newsletter covering the field of community-based art. Back issues are available on the archived CAN website.

Community Arts Network

The CAN website as it appears on

Unfortunately for readers and researchers, the archived CAN website is not indexed on Google or other search engines and it is not easily searchable inside the archive. Below is the sitemap for the CAN website. You can use it to facilitate your research. Keep in mind as you use the archived CAN website that the site was archived in 2010 so while internal links should still be good, external links might not be.

Community Arts Network Site Map

Information Organized by Type

Information Organized by Discipline

Information Organized by Population Grouping

Information Organized by Social Context

Information Organized by Field Application

Custom Essay Collections

  • Bridge Conversations: People Who Live and Work in Multiple Worlds – conversations commissioned by the Center for Civic Participation’s Arts & Democracy Project and the Community Arts Network
  • Community Arts 101 – Writings intended to give you a introduction to and overview of various areas of community-based arts practice
  • CANuniversity – Writings and resources of particular interest to people involved in community arts training
  • The ROOTS Reader – selection of writing from and about the membership of Alternate ROOTS (Regional Organization of Theaters/Artists South)

Custom Link Collections

  • Studies and Statistics – statistical studies pertinent to the field of community arts
  • Cross-Sector Resources – links to organizations that are based outside the arts, but have developed resources and strategies that can be useful or instructive in community-based arts practice

Special Projects

  • Community Arts Perspectives – A periodic online publication of the Community Arts Convening and Research Project.
  • Bridge Conversations – 18 Conversations with People Who Live and Work in Multiple Worlds
  • Making Exact Change – How U.S. arts-based programs have made a significant and sustained impact on their communities – A Report from the Community Arts Network
  • The CAN Report – The State of the Field of Community Cultural Development: Something New Emerges – A Report from the Community Arts Network Gathering, May 2004
  • The Citizen Artist – 20 Years of Art in the Public Arena: An Anthology from High Performance Magazine 1978-1998
  • Performing Communities – The Grassroots Ensemble Theater Research Project: An inquiry into ensemble theater deeply rooted in eight U.S. communities
  • Everybody Say Hallelujah: Commentary on the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange community performance initiative, 1998-2002
  • Connecting Californians – Finding the Art of Community Change: An inquiry into the role of story in strengthening community
  • Spirit of the Northwest: Claiming Community Identity 1998-2000


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