Race and Redemption by Adams and Goldbard, Arts International by Linda Frye Burnham, Performance Art Is Dead by Jacki Apple, photos by Bill Bamberger, Art-21 by Steven Durland plus profiles, news, departments and more.

On the cover: Art by Francisco Letelier

Table of Contents


Race and Redemption
Notes for a National Conversation, by Don Adams and Arlene Goldbard

Photo Finish at White Furniture
Photographer Bill Bamberger brings closure to the last days of a 112-year-old factory, photographs with an essay by Kate Dobbs Ariail

Abroad and At Home
Arts International works with artists to learn how culture works, by Linda Frye Burnham

Picturing Asian America
Photographs from a project by Mei Ling Hom, by Linda Frye Burnham

Ann Chamberlain’s Diary
from “said things/tales cosas,” by Linda Frye Burnham

Daniel Polnau
Enter the Dragon, by Linda Frye Burnham

Performance Art is Dead: Long Live Performance Art!
Retrospective exhibitions are focusing attention on the roots of the form, by Jacki Apple


Ellen Sebastian
Kitchen Talk, by Katia Noyes

Peoples Housing
A Sense of Ownership, by Andrew Patner

La Boca
Space to Move, by Ayofemi Folayan

Remember My Name, Behold My Spirit, by Meri Nana-Ama Danquah

Carmella Saraceno
Major Construction, by Laurie Palmer


NNWAC Provides Refuge From Art Gentrification
by Jeff Huebner

Shooting Back
by Davidica Little Spotted Horse

New Trends in Arts Funding
by Marc Goldring

Marlon Riggs
by David Mendoza

Ron Vawter
by Mark Russell


Scratching the Belly of the Beast
Cutting-Edge Media in Los Angeles, by Norman M. Klein


Lipstick Traces
by Sarah Vowell


by Michael Brownstein


ART-21: The future of art?
editorial by Steven Durland

The Cutting Edge Is Enormous
running commentary by Linda Frye Burnham

Review of new books, audio, video

Hot Shorts
News and announcements

The Tacit Observer
a satirical newspaper by Steven Durland

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